A Graduate's Path

A feature by UBC Okanagan

"Each new program created presents a unique opportunity for students to make history. When UBC created the Public Humanities Hub, Rina Garcia Chua was the first research assistant to be hired to support an Okanagan hub, while Mohsen Zardadi and John Perrott count themselves among the first to graduate from the newly-developed Master of Data Science (MDS) and Master of Management programs. In spring 2020, Perrott will also take part in the first graduation ceremony at UBC to be delivered completely online."


UBC graduate student advocates for summer tuition waiver

Article and Interview with CBC

"A PhD student at the University of British Columbia Okanagan is asking for summer tuition to be waived for graduate students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many universities across the country, UBC announced in mid-March it would be moving classes online for the rest of the semester and non-essential research would be curtailed until the end of April.


Rina Garcia Chua, an international student from the Phillippines, says the move has disrupted research and project timelines for many graduate students, as well as on-campus employment and child care. 

She says the last few weeks have been stressful.

"And it's not just me. All my colleagues," Chua told host Sarah Penton on CBC's Radio West."


Author calls for ecocriticism elective

News by The Varsitarian

"A UST Publishing House (USTPH) author said the University must include ecocriticism, or the interdisciplinary study of literature and environment, among electives in the college curriculum.

“[I]t’s about time… UST has the tools, resources and people to do it.  I feel that students will be interested to read on it,” Rina Garcia Chua said during a book discussion at the UST Center for Creative Writing and Literary Studies (CCWLS) on Friday."


Acts of Kindness

A feature by UBC Okanagan

"Chua agrees. She says she’s happy to be shovelling out horse stalls because volunteering gives her a sense of well-being.

“It’s fun to do because you feel like you are part of a community,” says Chua serenely.

The fulfillment Chua experiences from volunteering is not just a feeling. It’s a well-researched phenomenon. According to Holli-Anne Passmore, a UBCO psychology instructor and PhD candidate, people who volunteer have higher levels of life satisfaction and meaning in their life.

“The essence of meaning is connectedness. When you volunteer, you are connecting yourself to something that is bigger than just you,” says Passmore, who teaches courses such as Positive Psychology and Psychology of Meaning in Life."


In Focus: Rina Garcia Chua

A feature by Kelowna Now

"Meet Rina Garcia Chua. Rina is originally from the Philippines but has lived in Kelowna for three years now. She loves to hang with her family and work at that Ph.D."

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Panalangin Para sa Pinatay ni Marcos

A feature on Dr. Dada Docot's blog

"Co-written by UBC poets Karla Lenina Comanda (UBC Main) and Rina Garcia Chua (UBC Okanagan), the “Padasal” is a reformulation of the prayers recited and performed in the Philippines to honour the departed. But the late dictator is not among our beloved, and the UBC PSS firmly believes that he does not deserve to be laid to rest with the rest of the Philippines’ real heroes. Therefore, in the case of the “Padasal,” the ills and excesses of the Marcoses are recited, while the names and courage of those killed, tortured to death, and disappeared, during the Martial Law period in the Philippines are repeatedly invoked. By remembering the names of the martyrs of Martial Law, we seek to re-inscribe into our memory the sacrficies they have done, so that our will for action may be strengthened and our commitment to continue the struggle be re-affirmed."

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Philippine Ecopoetry and Climate Change

Rina Garcia Chua on Sustaining the Archipelago, by Kristine Muslim Ong

"Rina Garcia Chua is the editor of Sustaining the Archipelago: An Anthology of Philippine Ecopoetry, the first-ever ecopoetics anthology in the Philippines, which will be released later this year by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, a Manila-based university press.

I recently spoke with Chua, in part because the anthology speaks to many of the same environmental themes as Age of Blight, my short story collection from Unnamed Press that grapples with humanity’s role in the destruction and possible restoration of the natural world, among other things."