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Teaching Philosophy

I aim to create a space that is innovative, nurturing, inclusive, and dynamic for my students. My main goal is to open individuals to the multiplicities possible in literatures and to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities. Further, my role as a teacher is to facilitate learning and to critically engage students with the multitude of information that is available to them in this digital age. 

Institutional Teaching History


Canadian and Filipinx Ecopoetry in a Transnational Context

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan

This course focuses on the possibilities and pitfalls of ecological poetry (ecopoetry) and transnationalism from two nations interconnected by migration, economic investments, and even the Pacific Ring of Fire: Canada and the Philippines. This course was designed to fulfill the Narrow Area Comprehensive Examinations for Candidacy.


Readings in Narrative (English 153)

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan

From the Academic Years 2017-2019, Chua taught as a Teaching Assistant for Anthropocene Culture with Dr. Greg Garrard, and Readings in Narrative with Dr. Lisa Grekul. As a TA, Chua handled tutorials and held office hours, as well as provided support to her teaching supervisors by taking over lectures if and when needed be and offering assistance if necessary.


Cultural Studies (CULT 101)

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan

During the Academic Years of 2017-2018, Chua was a Teaching Assistant for CULT 101 with Dr. Daniel Keyes. She provided teaching and marking support as a TA, as well as holding office hours and engaging with the students in class.

Other courses taught:

Art History; World Literatures; European Literatures; Young Adult Literature; Comparative Mythology; Humanities; Classical Literature; Oral Communication; Academic Research and Writing. 

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